THE BEST THING YOU WILL SEE TODAY: Watch Flash Mob Dances To a Bollywood Number In CALIFORNIA

THE BEST THING YOU WILL SEE TODAY: Watch Flash Mob Dances To a Bollywood Number In CALIFORNIA
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As of late, a gathering of people at a Costco outlet in Santa Cruz, California shocked the shoppers by unexpectedly moving to a standout amongst Bollywood’s most famous numbers ‘London Thumakda’ from Kangana Ranaut’s film Queen.

A video of the blaze crowd moving in a supermart became viral on social media. The name of the gathering is ‘Around The World In 80 Dances.’ The video was shared on their Youtube channel and in a matter of moments it turned into a viral video and now it has more than 3 lakh views.

It begins with a gathering of regular people simply shopping when all of a sudden the music begins and the team turns out and makes a formation and begins dancing energetically. This prompted the shoppers to take out their phones and catch this offhand minute which isn’t frequently seen. At the point when the cameras were pointed at the viewers, you can see the smile on their faces. Towards the end, the dancers hauled the customers too to groove to the tunes along with them.


“The motive was to fulfill a wish of someone who was celebrating being one-year Leukemia free, a mother and friend who loves all things Bollywood. So we started organising to surprise her and celebrate anyone who has beaten Leukemia or cancer. As the song was so great, the group just grew and grew like wildfire, people who just wanted to join in the dance! We wanted to make it very inclusive of all who wanted to be involved, didn’t have to be pro dancers. Less of a performance and more of a pop-up celebration, to spread light and joy. And Costco was very accommodating and helpful.”

What do you have to say about this? Don’t you think this was  a great move? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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