Shocking Video: See What Happens When The Waiter Gets To The Table

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A Facebook post has been going viral in Memphis but the people caught in the act likely wish it wasn’t. The post that has been shared over 320,000 times had been posted earlier on facebook was by Gera Alonso.

He Said:

I don’t understand how can someone do this. Poor waiter was just doing their job and to have someone take it without reason. She left $20 tip to only have someone else take it🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Below is the facebook post that shows the same:

So as you were able to see, the facebook post above has two videos.


In the first video you can clearly see two women getting ready to leave from Casa Mexicana on Hacks Cross. One of them keeps the money on the table as a tip for the waiter and then, they walk away.


Watch the first video below. Keep scrolling to read more.


Once the ladies leave, a black woman sitting adjacent to the ladies who left, booth points to the table with the money to her partner sitting opposite to him. She looks over here and there and makes sure no one’s wathcing her and then around the restaurant and talks to the man she’s sitting opposite to.

Eventually, she feels that no one was watching and gets up in order to pick the money off the table. After hurrying back to her table, she stuffs the money inside her shirt and the couple continues looking aroundto check if no one was looking at them or saw her doing the deed.

In the 2nd video, the couple looks around a little more & keeps talking before finally leaving the restaurant.

Watch the 2nd video below. Keep scrolling to read more.


A waiter then quickly walks into the frame and head to the table where the ladies left the money for him. He lifts up the chip basket and the plate but the money was nowhere to be found.


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