Will The Flash Season 4 Make Barry Allen The Villain?

Will The Flash Season 4 Make Barry Allen The Villain?
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WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for The Flash Season 3.

Don’t imagine it any other way, devotees of The Flash TV series: Barry Allen will return – whether it’s a hero or villain isn’t as simple to anticipate. The chances say the show’s hero will return in all his brilliance for Season 4, and we’ve as of now offered our own particular theory on a “new” Barry Allen taking the spotlight. In any case, investigating the little story beats, refreshes, and new inquiries are raised beside the destiny of Barry Allen alone, and it appears as though the show’s scholars are setting the phase for The Flash to really turn into the villain of the show he once featured in… however, that doesn’t mean he’ll assume the part enthusiastically.

We’re sure that such a theory will procure the fury of a few fans before hearing another word, however we would request that those group of onlookers individuals listen to us, since re-acquainting Barry as an issue with settle, instead of the person who understands it could mean better things for the show’s other stars. At the same time, enlivening considerably a greater amount of the acclaimed Flash: Rebirth comic series that formed the TV appear overall.

It’s unadulterated hypothesis on our part, however, just on the off chance that we’re supposing tuned into the show’s writers, be cautioned that POTENTIAL SPOILERS for Season 4 of The Flash may rest ahead.


At this point, most fanatics of The Flash viewing the series in normal airing realize that Season 3’s finale saw Barry Allen go to Speed Force Heaven, at long last drawing his “Flashpoint” blame and repercussions to a nearby. The undeniable issue with such a sensational conclusion is, to the point that the gathering of people isn’t probably going to trust that Barry Allen will really remain dead, or missing from the principle storyline in the following season. It’s additionally moved down by the way that the Season 3 finale of Arrow likewise observed Oliver Queen broadcast his vigilante character dead… just to return in the following season debut.

For the DC Comics fans, the finale’s passionate peak was an exciting thing for an alternate reason, since it approached Barry Allen’s genuine end straightforwardly. That “death” came amid the Crisis on Infinite Earths series in 1986 when Barry ran so quick he was lessened to a skeleton before his friend’s eyes. He was assumed dead & remained as such for more than two decades. It was just in 2008’s Final Crisis that he came back from the limits of the Speed Force for good, uncovering that his get-together with the enchanted vitality source worked in an indistinguishable route from the speedsters who succeeded him (speedsters who join the Speed Force live on within it… however can come back to a living structure).

So if Barry Allen of the comics gone into a Speed Force life following death, and now Barry Allen of The Flash has also, it might be worth investigating how the comic book hero comes back to the place where there is the living with renewed reason.

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